The gift of hearing transforms sisters forever

The gift of hearing transforms sisters forever

9-year-old Noor Afzaal was born into a silent world as she suffered from profound hearing loss, but thanks to receiving a cochlear implant at the age of 6, with the help of Al Jalila Foundation, her communication developed remarkably and today she can hear and talk like other children her age. It is such a joy for her parents to listen as Noor recites the Quran.

The Afzaal family were exploring improved hearing treatments for three of their daughters. They had learned of the cutting-edge cochlear implant which would be a dream come true but, due to financial capabilities, the high cost of the cochlear implant made this option out of reach for the family. Eager to provide their children with the best chance at living a happy, fulfilled life they contacted Al Jalila Foundation with the hope to give their daughters the cochlear implant.

In collaboration with Al Jalila Foundation, a decision was made to first perform a cochlear implantation on the youngest daughter, Noor, as the younger the patient the greater the impact and the sooner positive results would be seen.

Noor showed great progress, so much so, that after leaving kindergarten she enrolled into mainstream school entering Year 1 at the same age and with the same opportunities as other children her age.

Noor’s mother gratefully expressed: “When we got approval for the cochlear implant procedure for our daughters, it was the happiest day of my life! This implant is a priceless gift and has changed our daughters’ lives, and our family’s, forever.”

After seeing the success of Noor’s implant, Al Jalila Foundation also committed to provide the cochlear implant for Noor’s older sisters, Aisha and Rimsha, as both girls were relying on lip reading to communicate. Since the life-changing cochlear implant the girls are all thriving, and their world has been forever changed.

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