Our programs focus on healthcare challenges across the UAE, under the banner ‘United in Prosperity’, to support Vision 2021 whereby ‘the UAE will take a proactive stance in developing new, more effective ways to combat locally prevalent and genetic illnesses through support for cutting-edge medical research.’

Al Jalila Foundation pursues programs targeted at different audiences, with different strategic partners, yet united by a shared vision to transform lives.


Ta’alouf means ‘harmony’ in Arabic and we bring this spirit to life by working in unison with strategic partners, parents, educators and the wider community to empower children with developmental disorders. Instead of being weighed down by their disorders, these children can rise above their disabilities and discover hidden abilities. Ta’alouf is in harmony with our aim to bolster the UAE’s medical treatment, education and research capabilities. read more

Medical Scholarships Program

Knowledge is the best medicine, so we are incubating the most gifted Emirati medical talents. Our program is about so much more than just building careers: we are building capacity, continuity and sustainability. This is not just a milestone, but a stepping stone towards the healthcare and academic goals of UAE Vision 2021 – as well as our own vision of uplifting lives through enduring healthcare contributions. Hope is contagious, and our homegrown medical professionals will pass it on in their daily work. read more