Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I fundraise to support Al Jalila Foundation?

    Team Al Jalila is Al Jalila Foundation’s community fundraising program to improve lives. To host a fundraising event download the toolkit to get started.

  • How can I volunteer with Al Jalila Foundation?

    Currently there are no volunteer opportunities at Al Jalila Foundation. For other ways to get involved go to Fundraise with #TeamAlJalila.

  • Can I apply for financial support for my medical treatment?

    Al Jalila Foundation provides financial aid to UAE-based patients who are unable to afford quality healthcare. For more details please go to A’awen.

  • Which areas of medical research does Al Jalila Foundation support?

    Al Jalila Foundation offers two research funding schemes: Fellowship and Seed Grants in the research areas of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, mental health, the coronavirus and other viral diseases. For more details please go to Research.

  • How can I participate in the Ta’alouf Parents Training program?

    Ta’alouf program is dedicated to empowering children of determination and is delivered in Arabic and English. For more details go to Ta’alouf.