Student aims to become a doctor of the future

Student aims to become a doctor of the future

As a bright young student, Saad Syed was drawn to medicine and was overjoyed to learn he had been awarded a scholarship from Al Jalila Foundation to continue his studies at Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU).

By attaining this scholarship, Saad can follow his passion for medicine and he finds himself developing every day. Saad’s medical student experience has truly enriched his life and encouraged him to develop life skills such as problem solving and empathy which has allowed his creativity to shine through.

At MBRU Saad has a rich student life and engages in several programs including the Summer Scholar’s program which allows students to explore their passions by participating in clinical observerships, clinical research and volunteering at local and international hospitals and institutes to broaden their vision of healthcare of today.

Through his experiences Saad recognised a large gap in the field of research and developed a strong passion for innovation. Saad hopes to work in the field of medical education and produce relevant research papers and is enthusiastic to take a proactive role in medicine.

“My ultimate goal is open but I believe that with technology advancing exponentially the roles of doctors will be vastly different from what they are today, and I hope to fulfill those responsibilities and expectations of the doctor of the future.”