Stories of Hope

Ta’alouf teacher thrives in challenging times

he world fell into the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic and Ms Rehad had to continue the program online and translate her newly honed skills working from home and conducting classes remotely to assist all the children of determination in her classroom.

A testament to her determination, Ms Rehad implemented the Ta’alouf components of global best practice methods, and she was able to achieve great results by working seamlessly in partnership with parents to meet the needs of students of determination in a holistic manner.

A wide range of resources and technology has provided the students at the school with a structured inclusion program that enhances their performance and provides teachers with various tools to engage students of determination.

Thanks to completing the Ta’alouf program, Al Hikmah Private School is fully inclusive, has flourished despite the challenges, and firmly developed the confidence of teachers to engage and meet the needs of students of determination.

Ta’alouf teacher thrives in challenging times