Nour is driven by her passion to serve the nation

Nour is driven by her passion to serve the nation

Al Jalila Foundation is committed to supporting deserving Emirati medical professionals, who pursue education with respected international institutions with the aim to transfer global best practices to the UAE.

Nour Alloghani had graduated from Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and Al Jalila Foundation awarded her a Fellowship in Histopathology Lab (Cancer) at Beaumont Hospital, Ireland.

Through the Fellowship Nour was able to carry out research in oncology with one of the best pathologists in Ireland. The research allowed her to use the theory she had learned in medical school in a practical environment while gaining invaluable skills.

For Nour studying medicine was a dream come true. “I always loved medicine and my passion grew when my father developed a heart condition and I promised myself to do my best as a doctor and give back to the UAE community. Studying abroad was an important experience and I feel privileged to receive the Fellowship and continue my journey though medical school. Living in Ireland changed my skills as a doctor, and I feel confident working with patients from different backgrounds and ethnicities.”

Since completing the Fellowship Nour was invited to publish her research on the Arab Youth Research platform and awarded IP certification from the ministry of economy in the UAE.