Mother helps son with autism realise his full potential

Mother helps son with autism realise his full potential

According to the World Health Organization an estimated one in 160 children worldwide has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

To support families of children with autism in the UAE, Al Jalila Foundation’s Ta’alouf Parents Training program equips parents with the best possible tools to nurture their children of determination.

Iman, mother of 13-year-old Mohamad who has autism, attended Ta’alouf training in 2019 as she was eager to support her son to live to his full potential.

The program was able to offer her great insights on how best to communicate with her son and how to solve the problems that parents face with autistic children. Positive behaviour in education, skill development and self-protection were some of the key discussions and lectures from the program that Iman was able to apply in her family’s everyday life.

Iman cannot recommend the program enough, “The Ta’alouf program was inspiring. It provided new strategies which I was able to apply daily to support my son to flourish. Through the program, I learned a lot, and it gave me immense hope to focus on my child’s abilities and strengths.”

To date, Al Jalila Foundation has trained 521 parents and families of children with autism.