Stories of Hope

Mother champions inclusion in the community

Kareema, an Emirati mother, recently joined 100 parents of children with intellectual disabilities to graduate from the 19th cohort of Ta’alouf Parents Training Program, the biggest cohort to date held in Dubai. Her 18-year-old daughter, Huda, was born with physical and mental disabilities which has been a driving force behind Kareema’s commitment and passion to support people of determination.

Kareema has tirelessly supported her daughter to finish high school and encouraged her to develop her artistic drawing talents. Huda has participated in several competitions and showcased her artwork in a number of galleries and even has her own Instagram account @artist_huda_karam. Kareema includes her daughter in meetings and social gatherings which helps to lift the stigma in the community encouraging the inclusion of all people in society.

Inspired by her experience with the Ta’alouf Parents Training and as an active member in the RAK Club for People of Determination, Kareema was instrumental in assisting Al Jalila Foundation to register other parents for the cohort held in Ras Al Khaimah.

Kareema is one of 886 families across the Emirates to have graduated from the Ta’alouf program to empower children of determination to live to their full potential.

Mother champions inclusion in the community