Stories of Hope

Early detection saves lives

It had been less than a year since Dubai resident, Sirine Fadoul, had done her annual wellness check which included a breast ultrasound when she detected a very small lump.

As a young, healthy and fit woman with no history of the disease in her family, nothing suggested cancer but she took action and went to get checked quickly. To her shock, the doctor confirmed that she had stage one breast cancer. Although the cancerous tumor was discovered early Sirine still underwent two surgeries including a complete mastectomy, dozens of scans, tests and biopsies and the much-dreaded chemotherapy.

Now 1-year cancer-free, Sirine is unstoppable in her advocacy of the importance of early detection to not only save lives but to make the challenge ‘easier’.

Throughout #PINKtober Brest Friends member, Sirine has been instrumental in supporting Al Jalila Foundation by tirelessly conducting talks at schools, government entities and corporates highlighting the importance of awareness, helping others and investing in local medical research.

Sirine has a great network of friends and knows firsthand that “A strong support system in the way of friends and family and groups such as Brest Friends are invaluable to recovery.”

Watch Sirine’s Story of Hope here.

Early detection saves lives