Stories of Hope

Delivering results for students of determination

Our Own English High School Fujairah took part in the 6th cohort of Al Jalila Foundation Ta’alouf Teachers Training program in partnership with Zayed University. The program trains educators to champion inclusivity within classrooms so students of determination can learn to their full potential.

Since enrolling in the program, the team implemented several new inclusion initiatives at the school across early years to grade 12. The initiatives include: putting comprehensive special needs systems in place; conducting orientation activities to highlight positive individual difference; and actively encouraging students of determination to participate in extracurricular activities.

One of the most impressive systems implemented is the Buddy System where the students ‘buddy up’ with children of determination to ensure they have a partner from school to rely on. The students make sure their buddy has someone to talk to, motivates them to complete classwork, shares notes and gives any feedback to the teacher that may be helpful.

Principal Ms Saleema Mahmoodi “Thanks to the training from Al Jalila Foundation we can ensure our school community is equipped for inclusive education even during times of distance learning. The Ta’alouf program has transformed our school and empowered people of determination.”

Delivering results for students of determination