Darlington finds her ‘hope tribe’ at Majlis Al Amal

Darlington finds her ‘hope tribe’ at Majlis Al Amal

Darlington is a fighter, always has been. But when she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in April 2022, her life was turned upside down and she knew that she would need to dig deep to find the strength for the fight of her life.

Darlington was 43 years old and had lived a healthy life, so the news came as a complete shock. She was devastated. To add to her worries, her husband had lost his job and their insurance could not cover the medical costs. They were both unemployed and struggling to make ends meet, unable to afford the life-saving treatment Darlington needed to fight the disease.

Her future felt uncertain, but Darlington never lost hope. She held on to that hope like a “lifeline”, knowing that it would see her through the toughest times. Despite her emotional and financial struggles, Darlington remained fierce, courageous, and full of life. With the help of Al Jalila Foundation, and our A’awen Giving donor community, Darlington was able to undergo the much-needed cancer treatment. She remained hopeful, strong and determined throughout her journey.

One morning, after recovering from her last chemotherapy session, Darlington received a call from Majlis Al Amal to attend the first anniversary event which she says “made me come alive again”. At Majlis Al Amal, she found her “hope tribe”, a community of women who had all been touched by cancer and who she could lean on for support, words of encouragement and the “lifeline” she had so desperately hoped for. “I thought my life had come to an end until I met wonderful ladies with inspiring stories of courage and survival”.

The Majlis Al Amal community of cancer warriors became her extended family and gave her strength to keep fighting. Knowing that there were more women like her going through the same struggles gave her comfort and the emotional support when she needed it the most.

Darlington’s story is a testament to the power of community, the strength of the human spirit, and the importance of hope. Her hope and determination, combined with the support of those around her, helped her overcome all the odds. Darlington is grateful of everyone who helped her on her road to recovery: “I cannot thank Al Jalila Foundation enough for coming to my rescue when I had breast cancer. I was so afraid because I couldn’t afford the treatment, but with the help of this incredible community, I received all the support I needed, and today I am doing much better and feel like myself again. Thank you for giving me hope and the best chance to fight this disease.”

“I am so grateful to everyone who supported me during my journey. My family, my friends, and the incredible community of Majlis Al Amal. You gave me the strength to keep fighting, and I could not have done it without you.”

Darlington loves music, movies, and dancing. She also enjoys cooking and experimenting with recipes from all over the world and perfecting her skills in the kitchen: “It brings me so much pleasure to share my creations with my family and friends.”

As she looks forward to the future, Darlington is excited about the possibilities that lay ahead. She dreams of hosting her own talk show one day – a platform where she can share her thoughts and ideas with the world and engage with others in meaningful conversations. We have no doubt that Darlington will fulfill her dream, and we cannot wait to be there to celebrate it with her.

Darlington’s story is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope.