Baby Antheia’s smile is restored

Baby Antheia’s smile is restored

At birth, baby Antheia was diagnosed with a cleft lip but regardless of the abnormality, her parents were grateful that their daughter was otherwise in good health and did not require any medication.

The doctor who handled the delivery had recommended that baby Antheia receive surgery at the age of 3 months but her parents were overwhelmed both by the cost of the surgery and the restrictions in place that prevented operations of this nature due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By the age of 6-months the unrepaired cleft lip was causing major health issues for Antheia as food and saliva would drip down, and the competence of the lip muscle was compromised also affecting the nose. An operation was urgently needed so baby Antheia could continue to develop into a healthy young girl.

Having tried every avenue to gain access to the surgery the parents finally wrote to Al Jalila Foundation with their request and were overjoyed when it was confirmed her operation was scheduled at Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital.

Now, 2 months after the operation, baby Antheia is recovering very well; she has a healthy appetite and cheerful disposition that shows off her great big smile.