Unlocking Medical Solutions, Transforming Lives

Unlocking Medical Solutions, Transforming Lives

As the UAE looks toward the next 50‭ ‬years we are inspired by the great strides we are taking in medical innovation and the advancement of science‭. ‬It is hard to believe that less than a century ago‭, ‬we did not have cures for diseases like tuberculosis and‭ ‬polio‭. ‬It seemed impossible to imagine that entire continents could eradicate epidemics with a vaccine‭. ‬Over the years medical discoveries have translated into improved treatment protocols and therapies‭. ‬And‭, ‬with each new breakthrough‭, ‬a new sense of hope‭ ‬emerges‭. ‬It is thanks to pioneering research that these medical wonders are made possible‭.‬

In 2020‭ ‬medical research took centre stage as the world grappled with the coronavirus pandemic proving that there has never been‭ ‬a greater need for life-saving treatment and medical breakthroughs‭. ‬Al Jalila Foundation remained steadfast in supporting the government’s efforts to protect human life and in response to the global COVID-19‭ ‬outbreak expanded its research portfolio to address the coronavirus disease‭.‬

In August 2020‭, ‬we witnessed with great pride His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum‭, ‬Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai‭, ‬inaugurate the Mohammed Bin Rashid Medical Research Institute‭, ‬a AED 300‭ ‬million multi-disciplinary research centre established by Al Jalila Foundation to be a beacon of hope for the UAE and the Arab region‭. ‬The UAE’s first independent multi-disciplinary medical research institute aims to bring together leading local and international scientists to work together to discover solutions for the region’s biggest health challenges‭: ‬cancer‭, ‬cardiovascular disease‭, ‬diabetes‭, ‬obesity‭, ‬mental health and viral diseases‭. ‬

Our priority at Al Jalila Foundation is to create opportunities to increase innovative and impactful research in the UAE to realise our vision to be at the forefront of global medical innovation‭. ‬Since inception‭, ‬we have invested AED 28‭ ‬million to support‭ ‬100‭ ‬research projects and eight international fellowships at leading institutions around the world‭. ‬

At a time when the world is racing to find solutions for eradicating the virus‭, ‬well-funded research efforts are critical in combating the disease‭. ‬These research awards are testament to our commitment to adapting to the changing needs of the medical landscape to ensure the health and safety of our people‭. ‬By supporting talented scientists and investing in research‭, ‬we‭ ‬are developing the next generation of innovators in health sciences and paving the way for medical breakthroughs‭. ‬

We are proud to work with the nation’s most brilliant scientists and it gives me immense pride to present our latest research grants portfolio with an overview of the projects we have funded to date‭.

My team and I would like to thank our Board of Trustees‭, ‬Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Committee for their continued foresight‭; ‬each one of our grant recipients and fellows for their dedication to biomedical‭ ‬research‭; ‬and‭, ‬we cannot forget‭, ‬our donors that make it possible for us to continue to break the boundaries of science to transform patients’‭ ‬lives‭.

Dr Abdulkareem Sultan Al Olama
Chief Executive Officer
Member of the Board of Directors
Al Jalila Foundation