Scientist files patent for novel chemotherapy treatment

Scientist files patent for novel chemotherapy treatment

UAE breast cancer statistics emphasise the need for local research as it is the most common cancer affecting women with incidences steadily increasing and constituting 38% of all female cancers in the country.

Al Jalila Foundation research grant recipient, Dr Ghaleb Husseini from American University of Sharjah, lead a ground-breaking study focused on improving treatment methods for breast cancer patients which is currently filed for a US patent.

Chemotherapy practice requires the use of high drug doses to increase the effectiveness on tumours, which also results in detrimental side effects on healthy cells. These side effects significantly decrease the patient’s quality of the life and may result in life-threatening conditions. Dr Ghaleb’s study developed an ultrasound triggered, targeted drug delivery system for breast cancer treatment. The research investigated the ability of the system to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapeutic agents on tumor cells and to decrease their side effects on healthy cells.

Recognised as an authority in his field, Dr Ghaleb already has one published US patent in addition to this one under review. He is also a finalist in the Mohammed Bin Rashid Medal of Scientific Distinction and among the first to receive a 10-year UAE residency visa for scientific accomplishments.

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