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Scholarship recipient serves the nation

Dr Anas Al Salami is 1 of 4 outstanding Al Jalila Foundation Scholarship recipients to graduate as part of the ‘Class of 2018’ from Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Healthcare Sciences (MBRU). In addition to earning a Masters of Paediatric Dentistry from MBRU, Dr Anas received the prestigious ‘Young Healthcare Professional Award’ by Dubai Healthcare City Authority. Dr Anas’ childhood dream was to become a dentist and through his academic career discovered his passion to serve as a Paediatric Dentist recognising that oral health and hygiene begins in infancy.

Dr Anas is highly recognised for breaking boundaries both locally and internationally by holding the highest score in the Tri-Collegiate Membership in Paediatric Dentistry Examination of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (2017) and the highest rank in MSc Pediatric Dentistry Program at MBRU (2017). In recognition of his outstanding achievements Dr Anas has recently been appointed as Lecturer & Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry at MBRU.

The young healthcare professional is an example as an academic, professional, volunteer and humanitarian. His achievements include providing oral health protocol to the Ministry of Interior for all jail nurseries in the UAE, and participating in initiatives like the Oral Health Camp for GCC Unified Week for oral care; Hamdan Bin Mohammed Oral Hygiene Initiative for Workers; Smile for Life Campaign; and Al Ihsan Charity Association oral health screening program for school children in Dubai.

Al Jalila Foundation has already awarded 59 scholarships to outstanding medical students in its mission to bolster the medical workforce in the UAE.

Scholarship recipient serves the nation