Sarab’s Journey: A story of triumph over darkness

Sarab’s Journey: A story of triumph over darkness

In 2021, only days after the sudden passing of her husband, Sarab suffered a severe vitreous haemorrhage leaving her in desperate need of urgent surgery to restore her eyesight. Originally from Syria, Sarab had built a life in the UAE with her late husband and their children. A devoted homemaker, she found joy in cooking and treasured moments with her son and daughter.

The loss of her eyesight led to depression and heartache. Unable to read the Quran, her spiritual solace, she yearned for a glimmer of hope. Her son, a steadfast pillar of support, shared, “It is heartbreaking to see my mother suffer so much.”

A crowdfunding campaign sparked an outpouring of compassion. Every donation, every act of kindness, was a thread weaving hope into Sarab’s darkness. Her son’s plea resonated with many, and the generosity of strangers paved way for her healing. Al Jalila Foundation long-term partner, Mahzooz, covered the remainder of the funds required for Sarab’s surgery.

Sarab’s journey through surgery and recovery is testament to the power of community. “After the surgery my mother’s eyesight improved significantly and her life has returned to normal. We are so grateful for this incredible life-transforming gift. It means the world to me to see my mother filled with joy and hope for the future.”

Sarab’s story is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, the light of compassion shines bright. With the community’s support, Sarab emerged from the depths of despair to once again enjoying the beauty of life.

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