Naya’s strength is regained to fight cancer

Naya’s strength is regained to fight cancer

Having been diagnosed with acute blood cancer (leukemia) in 2017, 5-year-old Naya had undergone a full round of chemotherapy and was receiving maintenance treatment in Syria although she and her family were living in the UAE. As her condition was stable, she would regularly travel back and forth to see her doctors but since February 2020, due to COVID-19 restrictions, she was unable to travel to maintain her therapy. Unfortunately, during this period her father was made redundant making the situation very difficult for the family.

By May 2020 Naya was admitted to the emergency room after suffering from severe symptoms from her illness such as constant headaches, fatigue, fever and nausea. Through further clinical investigation and blood results it was revealed she had relapsed and needed to begin a new chemotherapy plan urgently.

The young girl’s medical team are familiar with Al Jalila Foundation’s A’awen program and submitted an application to support her case and Naya was able to receive the much needed treatment.

Naya has completed her treatment plan and is now preparing to travel to India to receive a bone marrow transplant in which her brother will be the donor.

It is thanks to the support of our donors that Al Jalila Foundation is able to offer life-saving treatment to young patients like Naya. To see how you can be a part of making a difference in patients’ lives please click here.