Mohammad’s adventurous spirit is blossoming

Mohammad’s adventurous spirit is blossoming

The Ta’alouf program has had a transformative effect on many families in the UAE who have become empowered to guide and support their children of determination to flourish and live to their full potential.

Mohammad Abdulla Alshehhi is a 16-year-old boy with autism whose mother, Alya, had the opportunity to attending of the Ta’alouf Parents Training in 2020.

Throughout the training Alya learned various strategies and technics and implemented them at home to discover which approach best worked for Mohammad to be successful and independent.

The Ta’alouf program gave me great hope and tools that today I can use which have proved to be so beneficial for Mohammad and our family. It is wonderful to see how we now communicate and thrive together as a family.” Alya shared.

Mohammad has a passion for exploring the world around him and loves to travel. Alya is enthusiastic to nurture his adventurous nature and takes every opportunity to encourage his free spirit. With the World Expo 2020 held in Dubai is like a dream come true for Mohammad who is delighted to explore each pavilion and partake in activities.

Mohammad is always looking to expand his horizons and is even now applying to participate and compete in various sports activities alongside other children of determination to see how far he can really go.