Marwa’s heart is filled with promise

Marwa’s heart is filled with promise

Marwa, 21, had undergone a heart transplant in Germany where she stayed for more than 3 years after surgery to receive essential post-operative care.

Upon returning to the UAE it was vital, as part of the treatment plan for a post heart transplant, she continue to do regular follow-ups, catheter and heart biopsy, to check if there is a rejection of the new heart.

Lack of medical insurance posed a great difficulty and with such a serious medical condition it was imperative that Marwa undergo the necessary catheter procedure right away.

With Al Jalila Foundation’s support the treatment was carried out at Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi with Dr Feras Bader who is the only doctor in the UAE able to perform this type of highly skilled specialist treatment.

Marwa expressed, “After many years of treatment away from home I was very physically and mentally tired and the support was everything I needed to continue to be strong and push through. I give great thanks and gratitude and the highest praise for the attention, care and help I received from Al Jalila Foundation and the medical team which is more than I can hope to repay.”

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