Local diabetes research is vital to fight the disease

Local diabetes research is vital to fight the disease

Despite the high prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the UAE, approximately 1 in 5 of the population suffers from the disease, epidemiological data about diabetes incidence and subgroups in the UAE in general, and particularly the Northern Emirates (Sharjah/Ajman), is very limited.

Al Jalila Foundation research grant recipient Professor Nabil Sulaiman from University of Sharjah is leading a pioneering local research study ‘All new diabetics in Sharjah & Ajman [ANDISA]: An epidemiological and genetic study toward individualized medicine (phase II)’ to find answers.

Clinical data such as the response of diabetes subgroups to different modes of treatment and the prevalence of diabetes complications in these subgroups have not been investigated yet.

This study aims to enroll new diabetic patients aged 13 to 65 years in Sharjah and Ajman to collect basic, clinical, genetic and immunological data from a newly diagnosed population of diabetics to improve diagnostic categorisation rates and develop personalised treatment.

This groundbreaking study represents the first step towards precision medicine in diabetes in the UAE. Through the findings it will provide better diagnosis and better personalised care for diabetic patients at a lower cost.

It is through investing in studies like this, Al Jalila Foundation aims to create a brighter future for diabetic patients.

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