Lise is living cancer-free with a heart full of hope

Lise is living cancer-free with a heart full of hope

In January 2020 Lise, a UAE resident of 28 years, was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine annual mammogram.

Having always lived a healthy lifestyle the news came as a shock and Lise felt that the ground had been pulled from under her.

She immediately started chemotherapy but to make matters worse, halfway through her treatments her insurance coverage had run out and she still needed the life-saving therapy and surgery.

Determined to fight the cancer and remain a good mother to her children she turned to Al Jalila Foundation for support and found the help she needed.

Lise is forever grateful for the support she received, “I was a bit nervous about being approved for charity assistance but the team at Al Jalila Foundation were very reassuring and embraced me. It is very comforting to know that there is a whole community of people behind me, supporting me financially and psychologically. I am proud to be living in the UAE and I am grateful that when in need I have been supported by my community.”

Although the surgery and the chemotherapy were very tough on Lise, by July she had the wonderful news that she was clear of the cancer. Today Lise’s advice to other women is “Get your annual mammogram, it can save your life. There is support out there. Just don’t give up.”