Fatima’s life is filled with music

Fatima’s life is filled with music

Fatima was only 8 months old when her parents took her to have her hearing checked as she did not seem to be responding to sounds or even loud noises. After several tests, the doctors confirmed that she suffered from severe hearing loss.

Fatima’s parents were devastated to realise that their daughter would go through her life without hearing their voices and worried about the difficulties she would face throughout her life without the gift of hearing to support her.

After the use of a hearing aid had failed, hope came when the doctor recommended the cutting-edge cochlear implant that works to restore a young child’s hearing so that they can grow up to hear and speak similar to other children.

Unfortunately, the cochlear implant was very expensive, but Fatima’s parents were determined to give her the best solution possible. They appealed to Al Jalila Foundation for help and were rewarded with support and Fatima underwent the implant surgery in August 2022. In 4 short months Fatima is able to hear much of the world around her and is even pronouncing many words without having yet attended the speech therapy classes.

Fatima’s parents are in awe of her progress and beyond grateful for the support. “We cannot thank Al Jalila Foundation enough for the support you have given our daughter. Fatima has been given the gift of hearing and she will be able to live a full life with sound and music.”