Ali gets access to life-saving treatment

Ali gets access to life-saving treatment

In 2019, husband and father Ali Kakaire began feeling unwell and daily life was becoming more and more of a struggle. In 2020, after many doctor appointments and tests Ali was diagnosed with ‘refractory Hodgkin lymphoma of nodular sclerosis subtype’. This meant that Ali needed to undergo treatment right away.

Ali’s insurance was able to cover much of the costs of his treatment, but it didn’t cover two vital new medications he needed which were very expensive. With a small salary and a family to support back home, this life-saving treatment seemed to be out of reach.

He was advised by his medical team to apply to Al Jalila Foundation’s A’awen treatment program to support his much-needed medication. Ali was overjoyed when his request was approved, and he was able to start his medication in February 2021.

Today Ali’s condition has improved greatly, he is responding very well to the treatment and is able to life a full life.

Ali expressed “I want to offer great appreciation to Al Jalila Foundation for their support and encouragement throughout my healing journey. I would also like to offer thanks to the donors of the Foundation for their generosity of heart and spirit to make a difference in the lives of patients like me.”