Press Release

Al Jalila Foundation partners with Monviso’s “Take Water. Give Life” to turn mineral water into a force for doing good

Al Jalila Foundation, a global philanthropic organisation whose mission is to transform lives through medical education and research, and Monviso, Dubai’s premier Italian Alpine mineral water, have partnered in the “Take Water. Give Life” initiative to raise funds for Al Jalila Foundation’s lifesaving humanitarian work.

“Take Water. Give Life” – an original sales donation programme designed by Monviso especially and exclusively for Al Jalila Foundation – donates 1 AED to Al Jalila Foundation for every 1 liter sold by programme participants. These include participating retailers, hospitality venues, sports clubs, and includes online orders placed directly on the Monviso website. The humanitarian programme also has a sustainability aspect: Monviso will collect and recycle the empty plastic bottles from various locations, then sell the recycled plastic and donate its net returns to Al Jalila Foundation.

From 1 January 2017 to 30 June 2017, Monviso has donated the equivalent of 59,286 liters (59,286 AED in donations) to support Al Jalila Foundation’s goal to save lives. Programme adoption is growing rapidly, with 40 of organizations in 10 sectors already participating.

Dr Abdulkareem Sultan Al Olama, Chief Executive Officer, Al Jalila Foundation said: “‘Take Water, Give Life’ is the brainchild of Monviso and a great example of how creative partnerships and initiatives deliver sustainable charitable revenues. We encourage the community to support our partnership with Monviso as such programmes will further empower Al Jalila Foundation to achieve its mission to transform patients’ lives through medical research.”

Stefano Iorini, Monviso CEO said: “Water being a vital source of life, we wish to do something remarkable with Monviso for the years to come by partnering with Al Jalila Foundation to support their mission to save lives. We are proud to announce that the initiative has won the official endorsement of Dubai Sport Council, which is partnering with us to propose it to all sports events in Dubai and all clubs that operate under the Council’s authority.”

The initiative’s objective is to attract as many participating institutions, companies, clinics, sport academies, and individuals as possible and to turn a simple essential like water into the driver for something big and a force for doing good – to unite people around one cause.

To be in line with Dubai’s vision to be the smartest city in the world, “Take Water. Give Life” is supported by the Monviso mobile app where online orders can be placed very conveniently. If giving were made easier and integrated into people’s lifestyles, most people would be more charitable, and this is exactly what “Take Water. Give Life” does.