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Heroes of Hope

Al Jalila Foundation connects with community partners to fulfill collective goals and in 2020 partnered with Heroes of Hope, a not-for-profit group founded by Hollie Murphy in 2013, to develop and support the sporting, social and interpersonal skills for people of determination.

By providing diverse sports programs, Heroes of Hope has built a strong supportive community for athletes of determination and their families. The organisation serves athletes as young as 4; the focus is on individual athlete progression across many sporting disciplines and ability levels which caters to all ages including adults.

Heroes of Hope works tirelessly to create opportunities and pathways for all athletes of determination to reach their sporting potential and accomplish their own individual dreams. The athletes have already earned many achievements to date including participating in the Garmin Quest Hatta challenge, many have competed in the Special Olympics World Games and its founder, Hollie Murphy, hosted the Inclusion Games in 2018.

In order to continue to grow the Heroes of Hope community and offer the much-needed support to the athletes, Heroes of hope partnered with Al Jalila Foundation to bolster fundraising and community reach.

For more information on Heroes of Hope please visit https://heroesofhopeuae.com.