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Giving Hope to Breast Cancer Patients

brest Friends
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women with 1 in 8 women being diagnosed in their lifetime.

Studies show that the average age of diagnoses is 10 years younger in the UAE than elsewhere in the world. These statistics reaffirm the critical need for research to keep up with the latest advances in treatment to save patients’ lives.

Al Jalila Foundation in partnership with Brest Friends is a forerunner in raising awareness on the importance of early detection of breast cancer, furthering patient support with medical treatment and investing in local breast cancer research.

Brest Friends is the first breast cancer support group in the UAE established in 2005 by Dr Houriya Kazim, the UAE’s first female surgeon, where patients and survivors meet monthly to learn, share experiences and offer moral and emotional support to each other which has shown to be instrumental in a woman’s healing process. Through partnership with Al Jalila Foundation in 2015, Brest Friends is further empowered to fulfil its goals and raise funds for breast cancer research and treatment in the UAE.

Advances in research offer hope and healing to countless women diagnosed every year and all funds raised are used to accelerate breast cancer research and provide treatment to patients in need.

To join the Brest Friends support group, please send an email to

Every year in October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, hundreds of organisations and members of the community join hands with Al Jalila Foundation and Brest Friends to organise events across the UAE to raise funds for our breast cancer program. Please download the #PINKtober Campaign Toolkit 2021 to get involved.

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