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Webinar empowers parents of children of determination

Among many of the challenges faced this year, education and distance learning has been one of the hardest. Hundreds of thousands of students in the UAE embarked on online learning for the first time, many of whom were children of determination who require a little extra care and support. This meant parents around the country desperately needed better tools and understanding to continue to support their children through these unprecedented times.

In line with the Ta’alouf program values to empower parents and teachers of children of determination, Al Jalila Foundation hosted a live webinar presented by Autism Specialist Teacher and Certified Trainer Shaikha Salem AlKaabi from Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination. The webinar focused on exploring the most important strategies to help children with autism spectrum disorder adapt to their environment, including preparing a structured schedule and a productive routine for them while studying at home.

The webinar was attended by more than 350 parents from 17 countries all eager to do their best to support their children through home schooling.

Shaikha AlKaabi was encouraged by the participation and said: “These wonderful parents gained tangible benefits from the online workshop and can now use their skills to prepare activities so their children continue to flourish during these difficult times.”

Webinar empowers parents of children of determination