Stories of Hope

Walking into a new beginning

Callum was born with an abnormality of his left leg that requires an ortho-prosthesis to enable him to walk and move around independently which must be consistently refitted as he grows.

Callum’s parents have always endeavoured to do everything they can to make sure their son is completely mobile enjoying an active life like other young children.

By the age of 6, Callum had already been fitted with multiple prostheses, however, the expense began to weigh heavily on the family. Not knowing how they were going to be able to provide their son’s next artificial limb, Callum’s parents reached out to Al Jalila Foundation and to their delight, their son was able to receive the much-needed support for his growing body.

“We are forever grateful to Al Jalila Foundation for giving Callum the greatest gift and most importantly for assuring my family that we are not alone in this journey with our son. Thank you very much for making a difference to our lives!”

It is with gratitude to the support from our generous donors that Callum is able to enjoy his days running around the playground with his friends at school.

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Walking into a new beginning