The community rallies to save baby Muhammad

The community rallies to save baby Muhammad

When 2-month-old baby boy Muhammad had great difficulty breathing and eating his parents grew worried and were even scared to lose him. After careful medical observation it was confirmed that he suffered from congenital heart disease and needed urgent open-heart surgery to repair the cardiac malformation.

Muhammad’s parents had lived in Dubai for over 10 years and also have a 6-year-old daughter who is attending school. His father supported the family through work as a salesman and his mother was engaged in looking after baby Muhammad and his sister. The family’s budget was already stretched and they certainly did not have the financial means to cover the surgery costs.

Through the Al Jalila Foundation A’awen Giving website, we spread the word on Muhammad’s condition and our supportive community responded by flooding his campaign page with donations and raising the full amount needed for the operation.

Thanks to these generous donors Muhammad was able to undergo the life-saving surgery and post treatment care he desperately needed. Today, Muhammad’s breathing is healthy, and he is growing up to be a strong vibrant little boy.

Muhammad’s parents are forever grateful, “From the bottom of our hearts we give great thanks to all the compassionate people who donated so that we have our son by our side today. We cannot express our joy to witness the return of his healthy appetite and the sound of his laughter when he is playing with his sister.”