Teacher’s classroom is transformed through Ta’alouf training

Teacher’s classroom is transformed through Ta’alouf training

As the flagship program, the Ta’alouf Training program has a special place in the heart of Al Jalila Foundation. Ta’alouf focuses on empowering teachers and parents of children of determination to nurture their abilities so they can achieve their full potential.

Teachers across the UAE have experienced major transformation in their classrooms thanks to their participation in the Ta’alouf Teachers Training program.

Ruqaya Al Gburi from Dubai National School in Al Barsha was part of the 7th Cohort of Ta’alouf Teachers Training, and she is the first to recommend the program to other teachers who are working to embrace inclusivity to support all the children in their classrooms.

“I look back at my time during the Ta’alouf course and can clearly see all of the amazing strategies and skills that I am now equipped with because of the course! It has shifted my mind when teaching students of determination. I highly recommend the course for Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) teachers.”

To date, in partnership with Zayed University, we are proud to have seen 548 teachers who have grasped the invaluable skills and translated their knowledge to gifted children who have gone on to be creative, empowered and confident young people.

Nothing makes us prouder than when we see these children blossoming and taking every bite out of life and living their dreams.