Taking the first steps towards hope

Taking the first steps towards hope

By mid-January 2020, 3-year-old Wed had already been to what felt like hundreds of doctor’s appointments. She suffered from severe knee pain as a result of worsening genu varum (bilateral leg deformities or ‘bow legs’).

After visiting Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital, it was apparent that this condition was also affecting her mental health as much as the physical. Young Wed was sad and withdrawn and refused to play with other children.

Although it was clear that surgery would profoundly improve her condition, the family was struggling to proceed due to financial constraints. Wed was referred as a candidate to receive support from Al Jalila Foundation’s A’awen program that supports patients in need and she was able to undergo surgery in March 2020.

Throughout postoperative-care Wed has proven to be an extraordinary young patient who alerts doctors to any discomfort she experiences allowing them to intervene at opportune moments.

Much to Wed’s delight the last x-ray showed her bones have healed nicely and after these few short months her personality has changed completely and the once withdrawn child is an extrovert who enjoys wearing dresses and playing with friends.

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