Saja can walk for the first time

Saja can walk for the first time

Since birth, 4-year-old Saja suffered from limb abnormalities which meant that she could not stand or walk without assistance. Unfortunately, due to her medical condition, Saja was a very quiet and shy little girl and grew more self-conscious as she became more aware that she was unable to walk, run and play like other children.

Saja’s parents were eager to improve her quality of life and sought out experts’ advice who recommended that their daughter would greatly benefit from specialised orthoses for her legs and feet to give her mobility.

The knowledge that there was a solution to Saja’s immobility was great news to her parents, but they were at a loss as to how they would be able to fund the highly advanced leg splints and medical shoes. They appealed to Al Jalila Foundation who launched a fundraising campaign on the A’awen Giving patient crowdfunding website. The positive response from the community was overwhelming and the full amount needed for the orthoses was raised in a very short period of time.

Thanks to the generous support of donors Saja has been fitted with cutting-edge leg splints and shoes that allow her far greater mobility and confidence.

Saja’s mother is in awe of the positive change she has seen in her daughter, “I cannot offer my appreciation enough to Al Jalila Foundation and the incredible UAE community who contributed to drawing a smile on the face of my child. It is thanks to your goodness and generosity that Saja who lacked confidence is now full of life and eager to explore the world. The happiness I see on her face every day is a constant reminder for the great gift we have been given.”