Stories of Hope

Running toward a life of freedom

Mohammed was diagnosed with Blount’s disease at a young age, a growth disorder characterised by lower limb deformity that slowly worsens over time. By the age of 11, the pain and deformity had become so severe that Mohammed was no longer able to stand, much less walk or play with his siblings causing a great deal of psychological distress along with the physical.

Surgery was needed to get Mohammed back on his feet; however, the solution seemed far out of reach for his mother who was raising three children alone. Desperate to improve his quality of life, Mohammed’s mother sought out help and was directed to Al Jalila Foundation who sponsored the corrective surgery at Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital.

“It is with great joy that I share my gratitude to the incredible doctors at Al Jalila Children’s and the team at Al Jalila Foundation for their compassion. I cannot describe my happiness for the success of Mohammed’s operation and to be supported at a time of need.”

Since his operation in July, Mohammed is unstoppable and finds so much joy in sports at school and kicking the ball around with his friends. Everyday brings a new world free from pain and limitations.

Running toward a life of freedom