Stories of Hope

Pursuing a career to save lives

Growing up in an underprivileged community, Farah Ennab was inspired to pursue medicine as a profession to make a difference in people’s lives.

In 2016, based on excellent academic achievements, Farah was awarded an Al Jalila Foundation scholarship to follow her dream. Through the scholarship, Farah became the first person in her family to attend medical school and incidentally, was one of the first students enrolled in the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program at Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU).

“Thanks to Al Jalila Foundation I have embarked on a journey of a lifetime. The scholarship has allowed me to explore the field of medicine and I am in awe of the diversity, complexity, and humanity that stems from such a noble profession. To have the trust of patients and the opportunity to change lives on a daily basis is an absolute privilege.”

Now in her fourth year, Farah is going through clinical rotations at various hospitals and was recently accepted as a student member of the American College of Surgeons. Upon graduation in 2022 Farah will be among the first MBBS graduates from MBRU and hopes to pursue a surgical specialty.

Pursuing a career to save lives