Stories of Hope

Parent develops skills to empower child of determination

Through the Ta’alouf Parents Training Program, Al Jalila Foundation works to empower parents to bring out the greatest potential in their children of determination.

Although 2020 was a challenging year and parents training was held virtually, parents like Rola were only too eager to jump on the opportunity to enroll as with her usually very demanding schedule she was able to attend at home.

As a mother of a child of determination, Rola had adapted to life and developed her skills to better care for her son, understand his needs and build on his strengths to bring out his greatest potential. The Ta’alouf program solidified her understanding and put a great deal of attention on many new helpful tools and strategies that she had not yet discovered. Not only that but she now understood completely how and why these tools would benefit both her son and her family.

Rola expressed: “The experience was fun and rich with information for parents, during which I discovered that no matter how different the diagnosis is, there are some things in common between the children of determination. I also benefited from the program by learning the different ways to deal with people with autism spectrum disorders and understanding there are different levels of these disorders”.

Parent develops skills to empower child of determination