Mother finds hope to fight breast cancer

Mother finds hope to fight breast cancer

When Melany (39) discovered she had breast cancer, like many others, she was completely overwhelmed by the diagnosis. As she sought the appropriate medical treatment she discovered she was pregnant and despite the disease she was overjoyed to welcome a new baby.

Even as a strong young woman, the treatment plan would not be straight forward as she was now considered a ‘high risk pregnancy’ and her first priority was to protect her baby. In addition to their growing family she had no idea how they would be able to afford the full treatment plan.

Through faithfully researching ways to make it all possible the family found the support they so desperately needed from Al Jalila Foundation and Melany was admitted to Dubai Hospital in mid July where she was able to undergo lifesaving surgery to remove the cancerous tumor. During that same hospital visit, Melany delivered a healthy baby boy through a caesarean section to ensure the newborn’s safety.

Melany’s husband, Eduard, expressed, “On behalf of my whole family I offer much gratitude to Al Jalila Foundation for helping my wife and our baby. The team showed us great compassion and never hesitated to help us in our time of need. We felt comforted by a great family here in UAE. Truly you are a great Foundation with a big heart.”

Melany continues on the road to recovery with her supportive husband and strong baby boy.