Stories of Hope

Knocking on the door of hope

It was the beginning of summer 2019 when 6-year-old Vinit Vasandani was devastatingly diagnosed with acute blood cancer (leukemia). The specialists at Dubai Hospital began treatment immediately. However, the family’s medical insurance had reached its annual limit by August. More funds were needed to complete Vinit’s medical plan and his father, Anil, was steadfast in his commitment to provide the best possible treatment for his son.

Undeterred by circumstance, Anil reached out to various channels for support and when the case arrived at Al Jalila Foundation’s door he found the much needed assistance to facilitate the continued treatment.

“As a parent your greatest wish is that your children are healthy and happy. We were heartbroken to learn of our son’s illness, but knowing that Vinit is supported with the greatest care is the ultimate gift for our family.”

Today, Vinit’s treatment continues with positive progress bringing him a step closer every day to a full recovery.

In addition to offering treatment to young patients, Al Jalila Foundation focuses on medical research as it is only through research that illnesses like leukemia are able to be treated successfully today.

Knocking on the door of hope