Stories of Hope

Khalid’s determination inspires the nation

Khalid Al Ali is a young Emirati man with an enchanting smile and a strong will. The 26-year-old athlete – an international swimmer and a member of the UAE National Swim Team – has a long list of hobbies that include horseback riding, sailing and kayaking.

He has also participated in international sports championships in several countries including representing the UAE in kayaking in the Special Olympics World Games held in Abu Dhabi in 2019.

Born with Down syndrome, Khalid has become an inspiring young man, thanks to his perseverance and his family’s support. His Father enrolled in Al Jalila Foundation’s ‘Ta’alouf’ program, which trained him to communicate better with Khalid and understand his feelings and behaviour, helping the family to further empower him towards fulfilling his potential and meeting his aspirations.

Ta’alouf has empowered hundreds of parents and teachers with each one of them working daily to bring inclusiveness into our community, homes, classrooms and playgrounds so every child has the opportunity to thrive and experience all that life has to offer.

Watch Khalid’s Story of Hope here.

Khalid’s determination inspires the nation