InstaShop utilises their platform for good

InstaShop utilises their platform for good

InstaShop is recognised as one of the leading online marketplaces for supermarkets, pharmacies, pet shops and other businesses in the Middle East. Since establishment in 2015 InstaShop has gathered a large and loyal customer base who rely on their services daily.

As a company headquartered in the UAE, InstaShop was looking for the most efficient ways to give back to the community through their CSR initiative while also delivering solutions to their customers.  In true InstaShop innovative style, they moved forward with a plan that not only fulfilled their CSR goals but also encouraged their vast network to donate by making a special donation option on their platform so customers could donate to Al Jalila Foundation to support the treatment of sick children at the click of a button.

To get the ball rolling, they notified their customers of this option and during Ramadan ramped up their efforts to increase donations. InstaShop placed inspiring advertisements on social media and various digital platforms around the country to highlight some of the children that Al Jalila Foundation had supported as a way to encourage customers to support more children.

Thanks to InstaShop’s dedication and commitment to help others they managed to raise an astonishing AED 100,000 to support children’s treatment in the UAE.

InstaShop stands as a wonderful example of how corporate organisations can use their network and business platform to make a difference in the community and save lives.