Emirati student on the path to genomic expertise

Emirati student on the path to genomic expertise

In August 2020 Abdulrahman Alzarooni received the exclusive international postgraduate scholarship from Al Jalila Foundation to study for a Master of Medical Genetics and Genomics (MSc Med Sci) at the University of Glasgow, UK.

Through the scholarship, coupled with Abdulrahman’s hard work and passion in the field of genetics, he has now graduated from the Master’s program with high merit and recognition.

Abdulrahman had always been interested in tackling genetic diseases, which affects families, individuals and children and this scholarship was the first key step into pursuing this mission. His studies allowed him to learn a great deal more about the molecular basis of human diseases inherited by mutations and chromosome aberrations, as well as understanding the theory of genetics diagnostic techniques, and their clinical applications.

Abdulrahman believes that one’s learning cycle should never end and he plans to pursue a PhD in cancer genomics. Cancer genomics utilises the technology of reading the whole genome of cancer patients to assess and personalise treatment options, study inherited cancer syndromes and have better evaluation of prognosis.

Abdulrahman’s ambitions for the future are inspiring, “Ultimately, my goal is to be an expert in cancer genomics and be a part of developing new strategies to treat and help cancer patients in the UAE.”