Emirati scholarship recipient advances UAE capabilities

Emirati scholarship recipient advances UAE capabilities

In May 2020, in response to the coronavirus pandemic and to strengthen the national capabilities to deal with viral diseases, Al Jalila Foundation offered an exclusive international postgraduate scholarship to UAE nationals to undertake studies at world class international universities in the medical fields of: virology, genetics and genomics, nanotechnology, stem cells, immunology and biomedical data science.

Driven by widespread interest from the medical community several applications were received from the brightest minds in the country and after a rigorous review process, the successful candidate Abdulrahman Alzarooni received the scholarship to study for a Master of Medical Genetics and Genomics (MSc Med Sci) at the University of Glasgow, UK.

Abdulrahman, who holds Bachelor of Science in Biology, has always been fascinated by how DNA carries information to create our bodies and only small mutations can cause genetic diseases. Through projects in sequencing DNA and researching stem cells, he realised how the field of genetics can contribute to diagnosing and treating diseases fueling his interest in the field of genetics, gene editing, gene therapy, and biotechnology.

Abdulrahman hopes to become an expert in his field and bring his knowledge and expertise to the UAE, “This scholarship from Al Jalila Foundation is an incredible opportunity for me to be part of the research community and an active contributor to the biomedical sector in my country.

Most therapies prescribed for genetic diseases treat the symptoms and not the cause and my dream is to contribute in designing therapies for patients who suffer from diseases with no available therapy giving them a new life without lifelong medication or lifestyle restrictions.”