Dubai runner on a charitable quest

Dubai runner on a charitable quest

Around the globe sport has proven to be one of the greatest charitable avenues with running holding a strong lead in charitable fundraising and participation.

Although the global pandemic meant many running events were canceled, Dubai resident Ahmed Ali was not about to let that stop him supporting his favourite charity.

Ahmed got creative and initiated the #Eid2EidChallenge to raise funds for Al Jalila Foundation’s paediatric treatment program ‘Farah’ to give hope to sick children. Despite the heat and humidity, Ahmed ran 5 kilometers every day for 67 days from Eid Al Fitr to Eid Al Adha and invited the UAE running community to join him on his quest.

Every day different runners joined him at various locations across Dubai including local celebrity Big Rossi from Virgin Radio. The 5:30 Run club organised a charity run to support Ahmed raising almost AED 5,000.

The #Eid2EidChallenge has raised AED 12,850 with MonViso, Al Jalila Foundation longstanding partner, matching the funds raised.

In addition to this incredible feat, Ahmed is a true inspiration with a long list of humanitarian projects and has been volunteering on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic since mid-March 2020.

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