Baby’s family grateful for a helping hand

Baby’s family grateful for a helping hand

A month after her birth it was apparent that baby Sarah had severe developmental delays and the doctors discovered that she was suffering with nephrotic syndrome, a rare kidney disease.

Sarah’s parents were heartbroken when their daughter had to be admitted to hospital and it could take some time for her condition to improve.

The doctors advised that Sarah required a long-term treatment plan including regular assessments at the nephrology clinic. To add to the family’s turmoil, the lengthy stays at the hospital were not covered under their insurance plan and they desperately needed a helping hand. Al Jalila Foundation in partnership with the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) launched an SMS campaign to raise funds to sponsor Sarah’s treatment.

“I’m unable to express my gratitude to Al Jalila Foundation for helping my family emotionally and financially. We had feared we could not support our daughter through her illness and the Foundation treated her as their own. I will never forget this kindness and I hope one day to help other people in the same situation.”

Today Sarah, almost one year old, is responding very well to treatment and her parents are delighted their daughter is home safely with them.