Baby Santhoshi is blossoming

Baby Santhoshi is blossoming

Baby girl Santhoshi was born with a congenital heart problem ‘patent ductus arteriosus’, which is a hole in her heart. By the time she was two months old she was having great difficulty breathing and unable to gain weight, and the doctors confirmed that she needed urgent open-heart surgery to repair the cardiac malformation.

Santhoshi’s parents, who had been married for 13 years, were overjoyed at the birth of their first child and the news that their baby girl had very serious health complications was a devastating blow.

On top of the difficult diagnosis, Santhoshi’s father had been on a reduced salary due to the global pandemic and the family did not have the financial means to cover the costs of the life-saving surgery.

With the support of Al Jalila Foundation A’awen program, and the community that rallied together to raise the necessary funds on the A’awen Giving website, Santhoshi was able to undergo the open-heart surgery.

The operation was very successful. Santhoshi is blossoming and looks forward to a bright future with her loving parents.  “We cannot express our appreciation enough and are forever grateful that we were given the chance to be a happy family. Today our baby is healthy and always smiling thanks to the support from Al Jalila Foundation and the community.”