Press Release

Artistic workshops for children of Al Jalila Foundation’s Farah paediatric program at the Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children

On the occasion of the Emirati Children’s Day, Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children, in cooperation with Al Jalila Foundation, hosted a number of young patients of the Foundation’s “Farah” program and their families for a day of arts and culture with the aim to spread happiness to sick children.

The 17 children, ages 6 to 16, participated in art workshops including music, ceramics, drawing, fashion design and theatre. The children enjoyed learning technical skills and had the opportunity to retain their artistic pieces, along with enjoying some quality family time at the centre dedicated to nurturing children’s creativity.

The children’s centre believes that art is one of the most important means in the child’s therapeutic journey supporting them psychologically and enhancing their positive energy and confidence; art also has the power to distract them from their suffering by focusing on their artistic talents and abilities.

Farah, Al Jalila Foundation’s paediatric program in Dubai, is dedicated to saving young patients’ lives by providing medical treatment, funding research and spreading hope to sick children and their families.

Through Farah, Al Jalila Foundation is transforming children’s lives in the UAE; the humanitarian program also brings the community together to raise funds through community-based campaigns and encourages donations from the wider society. All funds raised are invested in vital treatment and research of paediatric medical conditions. The program helps to alleviate the financial burden on families with sick children allowing them to focus on the treatment plan and recovery.

Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children contributes to all community initiatives that serve children in the UAE. It also provides artistic activities for orphans and sick children, in order to give every child in the community an opportunity to discover his/her talents and become the best versions of themselves and confident citizens of the world.