Press Release

Al Jalila Foundation celebrates the graduation of the eighth cohort of the Ta’alouf Teachers Training programme

Al Jalila Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to transforming lives through medical innovation and a member of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, celebrated 70 new graduates from the eighth cohort of the Ta’alouf Teachers Training programme. The programme equips teachers with knowledge and skills to better understand the learning needs of children of determination. The latest edition of the programme directly impacted 231 children of determination and indirectly more than 11,700 children in the UAE.

The programme, which runs for one academic year, was established in 2014 in partnership with Zayed University. It is supported by the UAE’s Ministry of Education and Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority. The Ta’alouf (harmony in Arabic) programme is delivered in English and Arabic. The eighth cohort comprised teachers of 12 nationalities. The teachers, 70% of whom were UAE nationals, came from all UAE emirates.

Dr Abdulkareem Sultan Al Olama, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation, said: “The graduation of the eighth cohort marks another milestone in our commitment to an inclusive society where parents, educators, strategic partners and the wider community work together to empower children of determination. At the heart of Ta’alouf is social inclusion, and we will continue to champion it in our classrooms, our playgrounds, and our communities so that every child, irrespective of their ability, has the opportunity to shine. It is heartwarming to hear from teachers how ‘life-changing’ the programme has been and how it continues to bring out the best in their pupils.”

The comprehensive programme includes monthly training sessions, participation in professional learning communities, and individual mentoring sessions. The latest edition of the programme saw 32 initiatives implemented in schools across the UAE to promote inclusion. These initiatives included awareness sessions for students, parents and teachers; buddy programs; and several other programmes aimed at improving the learning experience for children of determination.

“At Al Jalila Foundation, we are committed to delivering the most effective educational programme to improve the lives of children with special needs. We are proud to have had the opportunity to empower teachers nationwide and provide them with life-changing skills to ensure a continuum of care between a child’s home and school,” said Dr Abdulkareem.

With the support of its partners and donors, Al Jalila Foundation has invested AED3 million since the beginning of the programme to equip teachers with the knowledge to empower children of determination to reach their full potential and realise their dreams.

Dr Clayton Mackenzie, Zayed University Provost, said: “Celebrating the eighth cohort of the Ta’alouf Teachers Training Program marks a meaningful partnership with Al Jalila Foundation. Zayed University has always supported exceptional training and development programmes, which have been carefully curated and designed by the Institute of Community Engagement (ICE) to meet the specific needs of different government entities, universities and the different segments of the UAE community. We are working hard to support the UAE’s cultural, social, economic, and educational development by providing diverse joint-training and development programmes and activities that address the needs of the different community groups.”

Al Jalila Foundation, in partnership with Zayed University, has delivered eight cohorts and trained 548 teachers from 163 government and private schools across the seven emirates, reaffirming its commitment to children of determination and their happiness and wellbeing.